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Why spend hours sewing seams by hand?  Now they can be professionally linked in a fraction of the time !. With the Hague Linker, making up is a real pleasure and you can achieve that truly professional finish, too. It's so quick & simple to use, you'll save hours of tedious hand sewing. Choice of electric or hand operated models.

PDB Electric Yarn Winders - Accessories - Spare Parts   MORE DETAILS
There are 3 PDB Winders to choose from. The 125g., 250g. & the 500g. winder, also in the range is the 125g. Electric Yarn Twister, which twists the yarn as it is wound. 1000's have been sold in the UK & around the world since their launch in 1981. 

Knitting Accessories   MORE DETAILS
Our accessories include - Pick-Up Tools, Side Weights, Needles, PomPom sets, Punchcard Rolls etc. Plus many other aids for the machine knitter. 

Hague 460 Linking Machine  
This commercial linking machine is available in all gauges at a very economical price!  It's large 18" diameter point ring is fitted with a work carrier and has a swivel pedestal stand.

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